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St. Patrick’s Day 2013

March 17, 2013


It’s St. Patrick’s Day!
Enough said? However you choose to celebrate today, keep in mind that after 32 pints, we start counting. Not all revelers are created equal. As in this great democracy in which we exist, equality is a nice concept, and not a nice economic reality.
Some are, and will remain, now, and in the future, more equal than others.
Be not discouraged, my fellow unequal participants in the folly called “Life in the Humongous City Housing Authority.
Be that as it may, May is still the month of flowers. May flowers➖(wtf) MAYFLOWERS??? Mayflowers?? Hey, pardon the interruption, BUTT, and that’s a BIG butt
, Mayflower was a name of a boat. The light goes on!! Pilgrims, freakin pilgrims, PILGRIMS!
Pilgrims, and the resulting country, are the fruits of April Showers–that’s APRIL showers!! Nobody’s mentioned anything about Golden Showers. Listen, Mayflowers(as in big-assed boats) brought the pilgrims here from England, and surrounding areas, such as, some South Bronx Shitholes, (where Clean resided). Pilgrim parties were what was happening back in the day, somewhere around 1620. In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue, hit a rock, and split his cock, and pissed all over the crew.(2nd grade joke) On third scan, it is obvious that Golden Showers were what the crew of Columbus’s 1620 boat received as partial payment of their “crew pay”! Hitting a rock is not covered in the labor contract of the crew. Therefore, let the word go forth, the torch has been passed to a new and better generation. A generation dedicated to the betterment of all humanity. After careful analysis, Academicians, Doctors, Lawyers, Think tank members and ex-wives have all concluded that this is the year of the greedy. Greed is good. Greed is bad. Green is good. Wearing of the Green is good, especially today, because it is Saint Patrick’s Day!!!!
The End



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