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It’s Sunday. Do you know the whereabouts of your Soul?

March 10, 2013


Sunday morning. Have you attended services at your favorite place for worship? No? And, why, may I ask?
Oh, you don’t worship? Look upon a mirror, who do you see? Is that you? Who ARE you? Does God consider you weird? Probably. That’s the reason you and God can coexist, however incompatible your individual views. God wasn’t put in this Universe to judge peopleāž–oh!, wait!, yes he was. As a matter of God facts, He, (She, 2b pc, ha) started the Universe Business Model, for that porpoise.
Living here on Earth, which the God made available as a proving ground for
His(Her) grand experiment, attaching a body of substance with the soul of unsubstance, is temporary. In the realm of metamorphosis, body-soul is leading in Rasmussen, Nielsen and Poll of Polls surveys for most accommodating. Therefore, my fellow Sunday Morning blogger nuts, Ask not, what I can write for WordPress; ask what WordPress can write for you and me.
In conclusion, we are gathered here today to acknowledge supreme devotion to the Universe. Our stairway to future endeavors is freely activated by the power vested in the soul of our nature.
Remember, keep Holy the Sabbath.
Another bennie of Sabbath Day is NO SERVILE WORK!! Kick back, fire one up and enjoy the conclusion at The Blue Monster, Doral, ya know.
Peace be with you.


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