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Golden Opportunity

March 8, 2013


Did you ever ride on a rainbow? Stand starry eyed on a rainbow? I know a guy who said he did that last night. To be honestly perfect with awl Uall, I’ve never even seen a rainbow at night. Night rainbows might be something for further study by the Brookings Institute. Repuglicans and Tea Partyers alike have requested first dibs on the nocturnal normalcy in as much as it is defined by doctrine.
Unquestionably, the most lucrative resource to be exploited by Irish Leprechauns, is that proverbial pot of gold. Only trouble is, gee whiz, the framing of the exploitation, in reference to the patron saint of Ireland, will entail copious amounts frivolity. Far be it from any true Irishman, to disparage the intentions of exploitationers.
That pot-o-gold has been Trademarked. Any other nation or nationality, expressly concerned with gold, please develop a workable policy to accommodate “Fools Gold”.
Gold Bugs beware! The happy little ride upward you’ve enjoyed over the past eighteen months will be reversing, with a vengeance. Extricate yourselves and your currency of choice, from the forthcoming Gold Buzzkill.
We have gone to great lengths to provide current, usable intelligence from the mysterious realm of Gold Given Gifts. Including, and not limited in any financial manner to the proverbial
“Market”, is the realization that this once in a cycle opportunity is begging to be your new best investment.
March 8, 2013.
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