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March 7, 2013


Don’t be fooled! Super-Bugs are living in hospitals, and spreading, spreading. March 7, 1970➖➖➖ that would be 43 years ago. That was a day that will live forever in the annuls of matrimonial bliss. 6:00pm ceremony. Not the best time of day for an event of such magnitude, considering the alcohol intake of one half the principles. BUTT, and that’s a BIG butt, here we are today. Forty-three years later. Alive and feeling fine. Were the last forty-three years a lesson in survival? What do you think? It was. For all. Everyday is survival training; everyday until you a dead person, then, and only then, will survival training terminate.
It is widely believed that the rescheduling of cannabis will be the most effective and logical move of policy makers so far. The new tax of 22% of sales is projected to explode the government coffers. By granting citizens their God given right to utilize His Blessings of plants upon the Earth, personal income, and, in turn, tax revenues will probably surpass present estimates of $11Trillion over the next five, (5), years. By growing whatever quantities individual desire, selling to retail, and/or wholesale and government their incomes will climb, and the United States of America will once again be the most respected economy on the face of the planet.
Senators from both sides of the aisle, in a surprise maneuver, took direct action that will have direct consequences at The Department of Justice. A binding resolution was unanimously passed by the Senate to fully legalize cannabis. Key Senators who sponsored the bill enacting the resolution were instrumental in cannabis activism starting in the early 1960′s.
Government and civilian think tanks combed every possible aspect of their recommendations for cannabis
legalization and found that Anslinger had it wrong. Better late than never.
See? Nothing changed. Really. It’ll be ok.

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