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March 4, 2013

20130304-135112.jpgMonday, Monday. There is just no¿ way on Earth, that we, the, people, can trust that day.
Rarely has crude, vulgar language been allowed to infiltrate this classy, well thought out, sincere, iconoclastic, Blog, 85pmart’s Blog. Rather than ingest 25mg of Clonazepam, one would be wise to investigate the stress-relieving, anxiety-quenching properties of some upright downright¿ “colorful”, vulgar,¿,¿ talk. It may strike some Anthropologists, economists, congressional interns, and Audi service advisors, as an unacceptable manner in which to relieve their psyches of debilitating and destructive stressors and anxiety episodes.
Therefore, my fellow countrymen/women/boys/girls/dogs, + kitty¿, ask not, what vulgar, crude language can do for you;
Ask what the¿ you can do for vulgar, crude¿ language. Maybe we can all come together, then again, praps we can all¿ together. That would be a good title for a song. ¿ 2gether. come together. Can’t we all just get along? In the Spirit of St Louis, and Rodney, peaceful coexistence on this planet, and throughout the Universe, is just a Nug away. USA USA USA USA USA
Joint me, going 2 Nug meself up. Eye’ll bee back. Talk amongst yourselves until I return. The publication of the latest memoirs, will commence, in Ernesta, upon return from nuggieland.
Peace out ✌


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One Comment
  1. I remember when u changed this.
    You did it for me , that showed me another side of you.
    Will always remember that day.

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