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Do You Care? Do You Worry?

March 1, 2013

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Friday, March 1, 2013
Some buddy at The White House sent this for approval, okay? Read it. Send your donations to me.Peace & Piece 2U

Eye’m screwing with the original wording, so don’t get all bent out of shape. If you see something you’d like to change because it pisses you off, good, tell someone that has the concern capacity.
Starting today, our government will try, with the help of Hugo Chavez, to dispose of excess oil supplies by dumping it in the Grand Canyon. BIG as that hole is, all the obsolete oil, coal, CNG, and Nuclear Waste will fit easily for the next 50 years. We will need to grapple with a set of tits, arbitrary budget cunts that will hurt like hell. The economy, makes life harder for middle-class families, and threatens national weed supply. That’s what Willie Washington means when he talks about the crisis. This RWNJ’s latest attempt at sabotaging the recovery PBO so skillfully engineered, will be met with the force of ten, because our hearts are pure.

Not everyone will feel the sensuality of these cuts immediately, BUTT, and that’s a BIG butt, if sequestration is allowed to continue, it will make life as a bowl of cherry cherries. Americans all across the country will celebrate the logical decision to eliminate all crazy cannabis laws. That’s a fact that no one disputes. Legal weed, finally, will be available to all over 21. (same same Booze)

And the reason we are here, is because some members of Congress have made a choice to share their Blueberry Train Wreck. These fine, generous stoner Congresspersons, put the weed on the line, and came through as Champs. Now, over closing tax loopholes. For the wealthy, they’ll be getting used to no loopholes. And, there is still time for them to make some blunts before pretending to make a difference. Choice. Undo this manufactured crisis. Ask me no questions, eye’ll tell ewe know lies.

Not 2oday, President 0boma dissed the situation and answered questions from the prickly press. “This is not a win for anybody,” he said. It actually blows for most.

Help us make sure your frenenmies and nosey neighbors know what’s on steak. <strong>Share this Train Wreck Weed with President Obama, with the understanding that when you exit the White House– weed is, for all intents and purposes, legal. Done deal. Save Billions and Billions. Forward this to your 1friend. (bcUpay)

Watch this absolutely insane vid!

PS — We put a page together that axeses President Obama’s right hand man, Insane McCain, what is resolving the sequester? Insane explains what these cuts of meat will mean for his Happy Meal. Communities across the country, are pretty much fed up with the ignorant bullshit from Congress. PBO asks you to share your story. Check it out:

FacebooSux Twitite YouTub Fluckr Googe+
The Whte House ā€¢ 16009 Pennzylvania Ave NNW ā€¢ Washragington, DC 20069 ā€¢ 202-466-2l2O

That’s the way it is, March 2, 2013.



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