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Human Implants

February 21, 2013



Found this article, then ripped it and pasted it here. Also known as water bears or moss piglets, these jolly-looking creatures have been found to survive on the outside of spacecraft in the vacuum of space. They can survive in temperatures from just above absolute zero to well above the boiling point of water. Cosmic radiation, ultraviolet radiation from the sun and extreme dehydration neither killed them nor prevented them from procreating, as a 2008 experiment showed.

So, my fellow interested Americans, ask
notwhat we humans can do for the moss piglets, ask what the water bears, aka, moss piglets can do for us.
Try to imagine the possibilities IF, and that’s a BIG if, we (what’s this “we” shit?)
incorporate those extreme characteristics of the moss piglet and/or, water bear, into an implant for humans so, that we the people can function in any climate in the Universe.
If all humans over the age of 18 were to be retro-fitted with “wabemopi’s” the new name for our Water Bears/Moss Piglets, resources now used to heat/cool living/working spaces, could be reassigned to electricity generation.

Tell them what you’re going to tell them.
Tell them.
Tell them what you told them.

We all know those are the steps in giving speeches. Did you know that following those same steps, will get you an invitation to attend the 2013 conference of

    Holier than Thou

politicians from the Super Extreme, starboard leaning red states.

Food intended for my digestive system has just come into my field of vision.
Aisle bee baque.
Later, Diggs


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